Isolation Transformer

The Isolation Transformer is usually has a transfer ratio 1:1
That is, the input voltage is usually the same as the output voltage
As for how to benefit from isolation, it is clear from the following explanation and the attached picture:
Since the electric current only passes through a closed circuit, it will not pass through the human body through the isolation transformer because the transformer secondary windings are not connected to the ground.
Therefore, if a person touches the hot end of the wire while his body is connected to the ground, the current will not be able to close and complete its electrical circuit in the transformer because it is not connected from the secondary winding side to the ground, unlike the electrical network grounded from one of its ends, which if a person touches the hot wire, the electrical cycle will be completed Through the ground to the electrical network.
Isolation transformer uses.
– It is used with sensitive devices, especially in hospitals (operating rooms and intensive care) and digital devices.
– It isolates the power circuit from the control in order to protect the control circuit from any shorts.
– These transformers also work to isolate the DC Component and ensure that it does not cross from the side of the electrical source and reach the load.
Ensures no interference or distortion.