Voltage stabilizer

Voltage stabilizer (Stabilizer Yogy Egypt) produced by United Electric Group
The family of static stabilizers, capacities starting from 1 k to 30 k.
– Operates with relay system and multistage converter.
– Digital display to display the input and output voltage.
– The number of phases is determined according to the current drop according to the customer’s request.
– Suitable for home – industrial use – as well as factories, clinics, and hospitals.
– Egyptian industry outperforms its Turkish and Chinese counterparts.
– Protection against sudden voltage surge and drop for both input and output of the device.
– Installation and on-site inspections – Manufacture according to site requirements – Shipping to all governments.
– Warranty up to 5 years against manufacturing defects.
– Correction starts from 85 volts – other efforts are available.
– Digital card with multiple protections.